A-list Arms main

This class will take you through a workout using dumbbells and your own body weight to develop lean, firmer arms, which in turn will allow you to experience increased upper body strength in everyday activities.

The A-List Arms programme upper-body workout is designed to sculpt your shoulders, chest, and arms through a host of strength-building exercises and movements. Shoulders and the upper back tend to carry less fat than the rest of the body, so the right arm exercises can tone these areas quickly and effectively. Our upper-body workout here at Peak Fitness will hit every major muscle in the upper body and will help stabilise shoulder joints, improve posture and build a strong, toned look.

Join us for these moves three or four times a week and you’ll feel more confident than ever when the summer days come around, and you’ll be ready to show off the strong, toned look in your upper body that you’ve always wanted. See the difference this programme can make to your arms today!

Always consult your physician or qualified health professional regarding any health issues before starting any exercise, nutritional or weight loss programme.