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The Blood, Sweat and Tears workout is as tough as it sounds, featuring a variety of gruelling calisthenics and plyometrics to push fitness levels to the absolute maximum and create exceptionally strong athletes.

Plyometric exercises use high-intensity, explosive muscular contractions to develop power, strength and agility to create the complete athlete. High intensity techniques derived from calisthenics exercises (set-style aerobics you may have done in school when younger) will improve your athletic performance if you take part in sports outside of the gym, such as basketball, football, rugby, track and field, gymnastics or martial arts.

Our Peak Fitness programme uses plyometric exercises and calisthenics to force muscles to hit their maximum strength in the shortest amount of time.

Rather than focus on heart-rate or calories burnt, the end goal of Blood, Sweat and Tears is to gain muscle strength and power in order to improve your speed and explosiveness.

As the name implies, this is a high-intensity programme that is not for beginners. Those taking part will need a certain amount of physical conditioning – whether a history of running, sports or other conditioning programmes – before attempting to take part in the Blood, Sweat and Tears programme. If you’re not fit enough just yet, our trainers here at Peak Fitness recommend beginning with low-intensity exercises and progressing to more intensive plyometric conditioning when you’re ready.

If you’re already fit and toned, shift your workout into overdrive with this high intensity interval training class that pushes you to your absolute maximum!

Always consult your physician or qualified health professional regarding any health issues before starting any exercise, nutritional or weight loss programme.

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