Meet The Team

The Peak Fitness team looking after our clients in Malaysia; have a wealth of experience in the medical, health & fitness industries; with a proven track record for helping clients achieve their health & wellness goals. Let’s meet them..

Specialist Panel

Dr. Shaun Alexander M.D (MBBCh)

Group Executive Director

Dr. Shaun Alexander is from the United Kingdom and graduated as a medical doctor from the Cardiff University (UK) School of Medicine & Surgery with two professional degrees, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He has worked as a doctor in the National Health Service of England & Wales; working in General & rehabilitation medicine, general surgery, anaesthetics & intensive care medicine. He is passionate about promoting the benefits of health & wellness. and is a keen sportsman. He also holds certification in Advanced Life Support, his special areas of interests include sports injuries, orthopaedics & evidence-based research . In his spare time he enjoys reading, traveling and hiking.

Dr. Andrea J. H. Lim MB BCh

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Andrea Lim is a medical doctor who trained in the United Kingdom, and worked in the National Health Service of England and Wales. Her areas of interest are Stroke Medicine, Osteoporosis prevention and Pain management. Being a keen advocate of health, fitness and wellness, she writes a monthly health column for the Malaysian Tatler magazine. Her interests include skiing, clay pigeon shooting and hiking.

Advisory Panel

Dr. Kenneth J. Corbett D.C. Registered Chiropractor NZ. UK. MY. Honours USA (Clinical Excellence Distinction)

Doctor of Chiropractic, Consultant Clinical Lecturer & Corporate Wellness Specialist

Kenneth has practiced as a Doctor of Chiropractic for the past 29 years in his homeland New Zealand, in the UK (London) and most recently in Kuala Lumpur since January 2014. Kenneth is able to consult on appropriate exercise, diet (optimum fuel requirements for our bodies) to ensure our bodies can reach their full potential. He is also a well-known public speaker & clinical lecturer on Chiropractic, Health & Corporate Wellness associated with the Harley Street Medical Clinic London, UK. His special interests include: Spine; Pain management; Lumbar (lower back pain); Thoracic; Shoulder pain; Carpal tunnel syndrome; Sciatica; Coccyx; Young Children (7-11 years of age); Arm pain; Headache / migraine; Cervical spine problems.

Dr Ewe Joo Ann B. Tech (Hons) Food Technology., PhD Food Biotechonology

Food Scientist

Dr Ewe is a doctorate in food biotechnology, and specialises in nutrition, probiotics and zymology. Her areas of research include lipid fat metabolism, food interactions involved in improving human health, and effects of food on high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol levels.

She was awarded the Sanggar Sanjung Award for outstanding research & publications by the Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Louise Chuah Hoe Ling BSc Human Nutrition


Ms Chuah is a certified nutritionist from the University of Otago, New Zealand. She has extensive experience in nutritional planning for weight loss programmes, weight gain and maintenance, and healthy eating practices. She also works closely with patients with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and fatty liver disease. She has a special interest in food intolerance conditions as well as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Coeliac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and food allergies.

Ms Jess Ooi Bachelor of Physiotherapy


Ms Ooi graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She has been a practicing physiotherapist for over 10 years. Ms Ooi has vast experience in pre- and post-operative physiotherapy management of surgical patients. She also has a special interest in spinal injuries, and also works extensively with older patients. Ms Ooi combines dry needling techniques in her management repertoire, and is also proficient in pilates.

Mr Jon Chew

Head of Programming

Jon is originally from Penang. 3rd Dan Black Belt Taekwondo Practitioner. Working out in a social activity where like-minded people meet. “People will forget what you say or did, but people will never forget how you make them feel”, is what Jon believes in. He relentlessly innovates to ensure members and clients experienced satisfying and successful workout experience. Throughout his career, he traveled the world training instructors and presenting in huge conventions with thousand of people.

Besides his love & passion for fitness, he enjoys hunting for the best food spots and sampling the best wines the world has to offer. His motto, “Don’t be too serious and enjoy life’s greatest gift”.

Mr. AB

Personal Trainer, Peak Fitness SOGO KL

-World Boxing Council Judges & Referees Certified(WBC)
-Oriental & Pacific Boxing Federation Judges & Referees Certified(OPBF)
-Malaysia Boxing Association Judges & Referees Certified(MBA)
-Japan Boxing Commission Certified Judge(JBC)
-License Holder of Japan Boxing Commission(JBC)
-Global Boxrec Active Judge
-Registered Judge under Boxrec.com International(GLOBAL ID-805339)
-Asian Academy for Sport & Fitness Professional Certified(AASFP)
-Member of Hong Kong Boxing Association(H.K.B.A)
-Certified Boxing Coach under Hong Kong Boxing Association(H.K.B.A)
-California Fitness Certified Boxing & Muaythai Coach under H.K.B.A
-A Member of Sabah Karate Association(S.K.A)

-Former Labuan Karate President
-Former Celebrity Fitness Manager
-Former Celebrity Fitness Kickboxing Head Coach
-Former California Fitness Kick-Fit Trainer
-WBC Asia Semi-Pro Fight Judges Malaysia 2017
-WBC Asia Professional Fight Judges Malaysia 2017
-MBA Boxing Fest Mid Valley Judges 2017
-Judge for OPBF Super Fly-Weight Champion Fight Held in Tokyo Japan 2017
-2007 & 2008 Ultimate Warrior Flyweight Champion
-1997 Labuan Karate Champion

– Boxing
– Muay Thai
– Kickboxing
– Cross Fit inspired training regimes
– Pad Works

Mr. Nasrul

Personal Trainer, Peak Fitness SOGO KL

– Diploma in sports science
– Personal training Level 1
– RMT (Resistance Movement Training) certified
– TRX certified
– Muay Thai Pad Master Level 2 (World Muay Thai Council)
– Free motion certified
– Kettle Bell certified

– 12 years in Personal Training
– Former silat fighter (Terengganu and varsity)
– Involve in one silat championship and Malaysian Invasion Mix Martial Art (MIMMA)

– Strength and conditioning
– Sports performance training (Combat Sport)
– Weight loss
– Functional training

Mr. Ezul

Personal Trainer, Peak Fitness SOGO KL

– Kickboxing (IKF) certified
– Intermediate occupational First Aid, CPR and AED

– 5 years as Personal Trainer

– Strength and endurance training
– Fat and weight loss
– Body toning program
– Cardiovascular training
– Sports performance

Ms. Devi

Personal Trainer, Peak Fitness SOGO KL

– Diploma in Physiotherapy
– Certified Neuromuscular Dysfunction (upper and lower extremities)
– CKTT Kinesio Taping

– 1 year as Physiotherapist
– Runner

– Rehabilitation programme
– Massage therapy (deep and self tissue massage)
– Joint mobilisation
– PNF and mulligan stretching
– Weight management
– Cardiovascular and functional training

Ms. Kim

Personal Trainer, Peak Fitness SOGO KL

– 1:1 Personal Training
– In-house Certified Personal Trainer

– 1 year as Personal Trainer

– Bodybuilding training
– Strength and conditioning
– Body toning
– Fat loss
– Sports performance
– Cardiovascular training

Mr. Firdaus

Personal Trainer, Peak Fitness Citta Mall

– ACE certified
– Personal Training
– IKF (International Kick Boxing Federation)

– 5 years experience in fitness industry
– 10 years experience in Martial Arts
– Representative for Martial Arts Club (Nationwide)
– Specified coach for Martial Arts Performance
(Designed Combat Pattern)

– Body building and toning program
– Women training program weight loss training program
– Functional training program
– Kick boxing training program

Mr. Hariri

Personal Trainer, Peak Fitness Citta Mall

– ACE Ccertfied
– WMC World Muay Thai Council
– IKF (International Kick Boxing Federation)
– CPR certified
– RMT (Resistance Movement Training)

– 10 years in Personal Training

– Kick Boxing
– Muay Thai
– Fat loss training program
– Muscle toning and conditioning
– Women training program

Mr. Thines

Personal Trainer, Peak Fitness Citta Mall

– IKFF Kettlebell
– MMA certified
– ViPR certified
– BOSU certified
– Rumble Roller certified
– NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified

– 9 years experince in Personal Training
– Former Karate fighter (MAKAF)
– Involved in AFC Pattaya Thailand (Asian Fitness
Convention) 2012

– Functional training
– Circuit training
– Weight loss program
– Kick Boxing
– Kettlebell training
– ViPR training

Ms. Whida

Personal Trainer, Peak Fitness Citta Mall

– HIIT training certified
– Strength conditioning certified

– Represent Pahang International Women Football
– Represent Amateur LFK Sukma Futsal
– 3 years Personal Training

– Sport performance training program
– Body tone and conditioning
– Cardiorespitory training
– Weight loss training program
– Functional training program

Always consult your physician or qualified health professional regarding any health issues before starting any exercise, nutritional or weight loss programme.