Chiropractic & Rehab @ Peak Fitness

Dr. Kenneth J. Corbett D.C. Registered Chiropractor NZ. UK. MY. Honours USA (Clinical Excellence Distinction)

Doctor of Chiropractic, Consultant Clinical Lecturer & Corporate Wellness Specialist

Kenneth has practiced as a Doctor of Chiropractic for the past 29 years in his homeland New Zealand, in the UK (London) and most recently in Kuala Lumpur since January 2014. Kenneth is able to consult on appropriate exercise, diet (optimum fuel requirements for our bodies) to ensure our bodies can reach their full potential. He is also a well-known public speaker & clinical lecturer on Chiropractic, Health & Corporate Wellness associated with the Harley Street Medical Clinic London, UK. His special interests include: Spine; Pain management; Lumbar (lower back pain); Thoracic; Shoulder pain; Carpal tunnel syndrome; Sciatica; Coccyx; Young Children (7-11 years of age); Arm pain; Headache / migraine; Cervical spine problems.

Book an appointment with Dr. Kenneth at the front desk of the SOGO club or call the club on 03-26181855.

Always consult your physician or qualified health professional regarding any health issues before starting any exercise, nutritional or weight loss programme.